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Below are some descriptions of some of them. The pictures below are NOT to scale to one another, you need to look at the picture above to see that.

The three pictured above are three versions of the Gillette adjustable razor. I put them first because in my opinion (mine only so don't argue) they are the type to use. Why?
From personal experience I need to use two different settings on two different parts of my neck / face. You just can't do that with any fixed blade. Of course everyone is different, every face is different etc. But that's the point. With an adjustable, you can account for that.
The three above from left to right are known as: 1) The Fatboy, Husky or "thick handle adjustable" that came out at the end of the 50's. 2) The one referred to as the thin handle adjustable that came out in the early 60's. 3) The black (metal) handle adjustable that came out later in the 60's. The Fatboy to me has the nicest feel to it having the thicker handle and the added weight. Being the oldest of the three and often considered one of the best double edge razors made, it's also the most expensive (among razors bought for use and not as collectables).

Some examples of one-piece twist-to-open (TTO) razors. The first two are "Super-Speed" razors from the 50's, in fact the second one which is from 1955 looks like the one that Weishi patterned their current run of razors on. Third is a 70's TTO and the fourth is a long handled "Lady Gillette". You can see the handle length difference in the top group photo.

Out of the eleven individual pics I've put on this page, one of them is not like the others. The first one in this row is a Gem (or Ever-Ready) single edge razor. The patent date on the handle lists 1912. Some people like these because the blade (which you can still get) is thicker and stiffer than the one used on the double edge and gives you a different type of shave. Whether it's better or not is up to the individual. The two gold ones in the middle are the Aristocrat and the Milord for the 30's and 40's. They are both TTO with the Aristocrat having the comb style head. The last one is a simple three-piece razor, "Tech" model I think.



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